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Application for Services

Dear Parent, 

We welcome your inquiry into speech-language and learning services for your child.  The Scottish Rite of Fresno has proudly treated children for free since 1992.  Once we have received your information, we will place your child on our waiting list and send you a confirmation letter.  The letter will include your child's place on our waiting list. 


Our waiting list is prioritized in a first received first seen order.  When your child is at the top of the list we will call you to schedule an evaluation time.  Please return our phone call as soon as possible to ensure we do not call the next child on the list.  Feel free to call for updates regarding your child's waiting list status and to provide us with changes in your contact information. 

The evaluation session typically takes one and a half hours in which we attempt to determine your child's needs and create a plan for success.  Please bring any previous evaluations or treatment plans that you believe may be helpful.  Please note that we do not treat children with a primary diagnosis of sensory-neural hearing loss, genetically based developmental delays, autism, and cerebral palsy. 


If you have questions regarding this, please call Tom Tatum (498-8393) to discuss your child. 

Our office hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 to 5:00. 


Tom Tatum SLP 


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