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The mission of the Center is to provide free services to children with language, literacy, and learning challenges. We serve children who have difficulty with listening, speaking, paying attention, remembering, reading, and writing between 18 months and 18 years of age.  We diagnose the problem, create a treatment plan.  Our treatment is designed for each individual child’s needs.  To receive free speech, language and learning services Email us your information. We will send you an application so  you can tell us more about your child's needs.

encouraging children to overcome lives challenges

Making A Difference

The Centers story is best told through the lives of the children we touch


She is a beautiful little girl whose speech was not easily understood. She cried when she was asked to repeat herself.  As her speech improved she became braver and would even talk to strangers.  In preschool, she began to participate in circle time and letting everyone know that she knew her colors and shapes.  

As a high school freshman, he came to us four grade levels behind. He was failing in school and frustrated.  He began to look for negative ways to get attention.  After four months at the Center, he was reading only a half a grade level behind.  His teacher described him as the model student,  “he is a kid I want in my class”.  His Mom said it best “I got my boy back”


A 17-year-old boy has difficulty reading due to a traumatic brain injury.  It took him an hour to read 2 sentences.  Through the use of a computer program that reads aloud for him, he passed the DMV test to get his driver's license.  The Center has been able to demonstrate that he has the ability to perform on grade level if he is given an equal playing field. He is on track to graduate from high school using this technology and the help of the Center.


He communicated by yelling, screaming, crying, fighting unable to say a word.  Today he communicates in a combination of speech and sign language. His parents are excited about his progress saying “he rarely disagrees about the task given to him …what I love the most is he  likes to give and get hugs”.

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